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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  August 16, 2009 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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this is geico sports extra. greetings and welcome to geico sports extra. i'm dave feldman. seven years ago at the pga championship, tiger woods birdied the last four holes, coming up richer. this time, started the day with a two-stroke lead. we always knew he never lost a major when leading. but there was a change for history. tiger woods 14 and 0 when going
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into the final rundown leading. padraig harrington tying the rounds, one stroke back in the water. third shot from the drop zone, almost takes out stenson. and tiger woods missed early opportunities, misses a birdie putt, then he can't save par. two bogies, and then yang with a one-stroke lead over tiger. his approach is perfect. yang looking to become the first asian-born player to win a major. so tiger has to stick it close, 197 to the pen, but goes about 207 over the flag, into the rough. for the first time since 2004 tiger woods goes a calendar year without a major. ranked 110 in the word, now a
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major champion. yang the 2009 pga champion, and tiger woods a runner-up in the major for the sixth time. >> i played well enough to win the championship, but didn't putt well enough to win the championship. i didn't get it done on the greens, and so i didn't get it done. >> tempers can run hot at the redskins practice. mitchell and hall into a fight. it happens. redskins back on the field for practice first time since tuesday. higher humidity, afternoon, higher temperatures in the 90s. that is hot to be at the pool, let alone to be in a hot piece of turf wearing heavy pads. >> it is hot out here, you know we got the pads on. we're coming off a game where we didn't play well on -- in any phase of the football game. so the guys are angry, they're
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heavy -- having to get the pads on, get the frustration out. so you will have tempers. >> part of the practice was today's returning punts. is that clinton portis returning punts? don't expect this in a real live game situation, although clinton portis may think differently. >> i used to -- you know i just got out of it, i can still do it. so i'm trying out right now. >> clinton -- i would -- venture to say he is not going to be back there. >> he will pick -- >> he is -- he is not going to do it. >> reporter: all right, later in the show we'll catch up with the redskins defensive tackle who likes to get the job done without all the excitement. but coming up next, the nats have cincinnati seeing red thanks to the hustle of one ling
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josh willingham, how this played out when sports extra continues.
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. can't make the catch, adam
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dunn scores to tie the game at four. willingham says i'm taking off at 3rd, scores a game-winning run, nats take the last three games of the series on a heads- up play by willingham. >> i just rounded third base, i wasn't thinking about scoring. but i saw them lob the ball, i don't know why or how, just took off. wasn't thinking but i did -- turned out good for it. >> meanwhile, this clock is ticking. nats have a little over 24 hours to come to terms with pitching guy strasberg. nats have a 17 million deal on the table with the eastle reached incentives that could push the deal beyond 20. and there is a real possibility that the team may not sign the overall number one pick. that could be a problem.
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orioles hosting the angels, top of the 11th, hunter with the bases loaded. goes to 1st, with a double play. o's escaped a jam. driving in two, with a double off the base of the wall in right field. angels with 23 hits, pounding the orioles, 17-8 in 13 minutes. tonight is geico's 15 minutes of fame takes us to michigan. three laps to go, jimmie johnson in the league, running out of gas. he finished 33rd, brian vickers, going on to win the race, he ran out of gas on his way to victory lane but moves to win 12 points in the chase, earning our geico 15 minutes of fame.
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when joe gibbs returned as redskins head coach back in 2004, one of the free agent signings was cornelius griffin. there were a few changes after that, but one of them left the tackle. more on why why they didn't have to worry about filling that position. >> reporter: of the redskins training camp, you could say this one was looked at with a lot of respect, more than any other. he has never been to a pro bowl, nor has he provided big numbers, but for six seasons, cornelius griffin walked the line. >> i enjoy being here and playing the teammates, i enjoy being here. part of the team. everybody has a job to do and
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be accountable for their position. >> reporter: yes, the man he will line up next to, albert haynesworth, received the richest contract provided for. but the man in the middle, staying quiet except to the teammates behind him. >> he does a lot of the tough work, you know taking on double teams, controlling the group so somebody else can make the play. cornelius is a professional, comes in, day in, day out. gets the job done. >> griffin just makes things happen in the back field. when you play next to him, he is off the field sometimes so you can play off of him. >> he is one of four who has super bowl experience, the others all have championship rings from their trips. now in his 10th season, griffin is eager to get back and honestly believes this team is capable of taking him there. >> he definitely has the talent and leadership. but he has to stand up every
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day, even on a day like today when people are hot, they don't want to work when they're tired. you can't take a day off, got to get better. can't afford to have setbacks, you have to be perfect, try to play perfect, strive to be that way. >> reporter: the skins hope it leads the way to miami and super bowl xliv. at redskins park, anthy amy. >> nice job, the redskins have one practice tomorrow at 3:00. we'll update you tomorrow live from redskins park on the fox 5 news at 5:00. my thanks to rich dunn, i'm dave feldman, have a great evening. we'll see you tomorrow live at redskins park.
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